Contempo Jewelry | State College, PA Portrait Photographer

I am SO EXCITED to about this unique session! I am the photographer at a communication/PR firm here at Penn State, also known as Happy Valley Communications. One of the team’s clients, Contempo Jewelry Boutique, has been working with me to get some more styled shots displaying her amazing jewelry. We had so much fun exploring Staci’s merchandise, checking out all of her beautiful and handcrafted jewelry, and finally putting it all together for the shoot! My two models were perfect and then some. Little ‘E’ was adorable and loved to show off her gymnastics and ‘Vogue’ moves while styling some of the knit products and children’s clothes at the boutique. Katherine was a total ROCKSTAR. No joke when I say this girl needs to become a model. She is such a natural in front of the camera and really knows how to emphasize the jewelry while still looking absolutely stunning! Go give Staci’s Etsy page some love too! Her work is to die for!


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